The Many Sounds of Rigoletto

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Collectio Musicorum, Inc. Presents

The Many Sounds of Rigoletto; the Music behind the Music

May 17, 8:00pm

Giuseppe Verdi et al, Composer
Francesco Maria Piave et al, Librettist


In 1850, Giuseppe Verdi began composing an opera based on a contentious play that was banned in France. Victor Hugo’s Le Roi S’amuse featured a licentious ruler who did whatever he wanted, including seducing women and killing their husbands, and who did so without worrying about any consequences.

But Verdi’s opera was not complete fiction. The title character in Rigoletto was based on a real jester, Nicolas Ferrial, called Triboulet, who lived from 1479 to 1536. The sumptuous Renaissance setting of the opera influenced the composer, as did music from that time period.

Collectio Musicorum (“Collection of Music”) presents highlights from Verdi’s opera alongside music of earlier composers, including Tromboncino, Landini, Monteverdi, Attaingnant, Sermisy, Gonzaga, Jannequin, Rossi, and others who are less well known, including the single surviving piece by the mysterious French composer Abel. Plan on hearing music from the 14th through the 19th centuries.


Jeff S. Dailey
Patrick Fennig

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May 17, 2019 8:00 pm
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