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What’s This Thing Called, Opera?

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First Come First Serve
June 29, 7:00PM
National Opera Center
Marc A. Scorca Hall
7th Floor
330 7th Ave
New York, NY 10001

Refreshments Provided

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What’s This Thing Called, Opera?

Randall Eng, Composer and NYU Graduate Musical Theater Writing Faculty
Beth Morrison, Creative Producer, Beth Morrison Projects
Alyce Mott, Artistic Director at Victor Herbert Renaissance Project LIVE!, Inc.
Peter Szep, Host and New York Opera Fest Chair

The label “Opera” is being thrown around a lot lately, and in ways that both surprise and confuse. Is an opera just any-old grand thing? We bring together some of the smartest people in the business to look at where we are and where Opera may be going. Please join us for the final event of the New York Opera Fest!