Freddy’s Bar & Backroom

Freddy’s, at its new location, has been called the perfect neighborhood bar” by The New York Times. Freddy’s was also named One of the “Best Bars in America” by Esquire magazine. L Magazine said “Freddy’s is Brooklyn’s most MOST ECLECTIC, SMARTY PANTS & RESILIENT Bar.” “Freddy’s Bar shines as a beacon of all things quirky and one-of-a-kind in New York City. What makes Freddy’s all the more extraordinary is that, on paper, it shouldn’t even exist. ” ~

Brian Lehrer of WNPR radio said “Over the 70 years of its history, Freddy’s ran the gamut from a Fire & Police watering hole, to an artists and activist haven. Born as a private drinking club, its original public offering was as a bar called Henderson’s…which became Freddy’s, in honor of Freddy Chatterton, a police officer who bought the building in the 70s.”

Venue Detail

(718) 768-0131
627 5th Ave, Brooklyn

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