The festival showcases the breadth and diversity of opera in New York City through events ranging from virtual reality to improv opera, with productions in theaters, gardens, garages, bars, playgrounds and more.

All events are produced by members of The New York Opera Alliance (NYOA) in partnership with OPERA America, the national service organization for opera and the nation’s leading advocate for American opera.


We’re celebrating the 2017 New York Opera Fest with a kickoff event at the National Opera Center April 27 at 6:00 PM. We join together to thank Lauren Flanigan for her support of young artists and the entire community. And you can meet some of the artists and get a taste of some of the great performances you can see during the festival.


For the classic lovers we have Mozart, Puccini and Bizet; the more exotic will love Milhaud, Rimsky-Korsakov, Britten and Hebert; and if you like the new there’s Brazelton, Cady, Cipullo, Earnest, Frasconi, Heggie, Hoffeditz, Kaufman, Lander, Lord, Marlor, Mollicone, Murphy, Patterson, Siegel, Thomas and Welch


Give your kids a taste of the magic of opera by taking them to BOUNCE, performed in a basketball court, or the Peter Rabbit story told the the music of Donizetti. Continue the fun with Donizetti’s Elixir of Love adapted for kids performed in a playground, and then take them to see the original Elixir sung in italian, fully staged, with a full orchestra and subtitles.


If you like your opera intimate, there are lots of ways to get into the scene. Perhaps have a drink at the bar and hear an aria up close, or go hear Mozart in a garden on the Upper West Side? How about some Baroque at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or Britten in a white box studio in Williamsburg? Or even on a Vietnam Era US Navy IX-514 Helicopter Landing Trainer? See opera in a new light!

  • “The festival is a reminder that opera doesn’t need a 3,000-seat theater to be grand, and some of the more innovative, impassioned, exciting and vital – as well as affordable – productions are coming out of these smaller, more nimble companies.”
  • “The 2017 New York Opera Fest is a dizzying collection of opera, presented by the City's most creative and iconic companies.”
  • “People don’t often think about opera in New York as extending into the summer...But that won’t be the case for the second straight year with the New York Opera Fest set to take over the city.”
  • “I honestly thought I knew all about the New York City opera scene…
    VAN Magazine
  • “NYC's opera scene is at its most open and inviting in decades, and nobody seems as anxious to tear down the imaginary walls keeping novices out of the halls as the New York Opera Festival.”
    TimeOut New York
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